Articulating Emotions into Decisions

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Marriage isn’t always easy, and unfortunately, sometimes two people in love, grow apart. During this stage, emotions can be difficult to decipher. Focusing on your emotions can be painful, so it’s normal to want to ignore them or push them away. Especially if you don’t quite understand what you’re feeling in the first place. However, once you reach a certain point in this stage it can become difficult to deny your emotions and you may have overarching feelings of taking action. If this resonates with you, keep reading to unravel some of the steps you may be able to take to further 

Emotions you may Experience: 

  • Feelings of frustration – with your partner or with yourself (often for reasons you cannot identify). 
  • Confusion – often if you have not yet fully deconstructed your emotions properly
  • Lack of compassion, empathy & love 
  • Sadness & sometimes depressive thoughts 
  • Anger & Fear – especially if you are experiencing disputes, arguments or physical fights
  • Feelings of wanting space or needing time to yourself, often away from your partner
  • Feelings of moving on or perhaps an interest in another person 
  • Guilt – sometimes people think staying together is what’s best for their child/children and feel guilty for wanting to let go

All of these and many more emotions not mentioned here, are completely normal. You may be experiencing only a few, none of the above or you may be experiencing all of the above and more. However, it is important to endeavour to articulate your emotions into decisions. 

Emotions turn into Decisions: 

Above we identified some of the emotions one may feel when in a rocky relationship, now we will identify some of the decisions related to such emotions. 

  • Couples Counselling – sometimes you may feel as though your marriage is salvageable and in this case a relationship therapist may be of some assistance.
  • Communicate – if you haven’t already, opening into a calm and honest conversation with your partner might bring clarity, solutions or even resolutions.  
  • Looking into a Family Law support services who can help you when you are struggling to make a decision.
  • Obtain  professional and legal opinion on what will happen next.
  • No matter what keep communicating for your kids sake.

The fact is, everyone’s experience when it comes to separation and divorce is different, and no one can tell you how you should or shouldn’t feel. Equally no one can tell you what decision is right for you.  That is something that you need to figure out for yourself. What we can do however, is help you and guide you through that journey. At the best of times, being an adult and making those decisions are tough but we know and we appreciate that in times like these it can overwhelming.  

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