Life after divorce

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It is a storey we don’t often hear about… divorced for 50 years and now they are getting re-married.

In my view it is a wonderful event that should  be celebrated for what it is.  Two people recognising at one point that they are not the best versions of themselves if they remain together and then subsequently, having enough guts to acknowledge that together is where they should be.

Often we feel that we will be criticised when we leave our partners and then the hurt, shame and ego that steps in when we feel that we made the wrong choice in the first instance is enough to keep us from getting back together.  In both relationships and out, no one will know the best outcome for you.  That is a decision you need to make.  What is right for you is not necessarily going to be right for your girlfriend or your neighbour.  But don’t judge your journey by the road they travelled.  Carve your own path and live life the way you want to live it.


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Divorce doesn't have to bleed you dry