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In all of my years of practice I can honestly say that I have never seen a couple leave court better friends than when they entered. This is a sad fact but luckily the same can’t be said for mediation.

When you enter into litigation with someone you are not only going to see all of your dirty secrets aired in a public setting but you may also get to see (not to mention hear) words and statements made by your ex that will haunt you for years to come. Unfortunately, sometimes these words have been twisted and pulled out of them by your legal representatives to prove a point to help you achieve the outcome you desperately wanted on paper – rarely though is this done with consideration for how you will continue your relationship into the future when it comes to your children.

Mediation (or family dispute resolution as it is known in the family law area) provides an alternative that, in my view, is focused not only on achieving an outcome, but also on enabling you both to walk away with the foundations of a relationship in tact that you can build on. Yes there will be compromise. Yes it does mean that neither of you will get exactly what you want (but newsflash this rarely happens in litigation either). But what it does do is provide you both with the opportunity to not only discuss what you want, but why you want it and more importantly you can gain an understanding of the issues from the other persons perspective.

The most important thing though with mediation is that it gives YOU the power to decide what will happen with your family. You are not leaving the decision up to a third party who does not know or fully understand the nuances of your day to day lives. YOU will be making that decision together – and what better way to show your children you can than going home with an agreement when you can say that today WE (as their parents) decided that this is what should happen moving forward.

If you would like to find out more about mediation you can schedule a free 15 minute chat here.

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Benefits of Mediation